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1060 Alloy

1060 alloy is the most commonly used aluminum alloy in 1000 series pure aluminum. It is known as lightweight and low cost. 1060 aluminum alloy is processed into 1060 aluminum sheet, 1060 aluminum checker plate, 1060 aluminum coil, 1060 aluminum strip, 1060 aluminum foil and 1060 aluminum circle. Aluminum sheet manufacturer has mature technology, so the processed 1060 aluminum sheet has good quality and low price. 1060 aluminum sheet roll has a flat surface and high cleanliness. It is suitable for polymer welding. It has good elongation and tensile strength, and can fully meet conventional processing requirements (stamping, drawing) and has high formability. 1060 aluminum sheet are widely used in power battery soft connection, aluminum-plastic panels, lamps, signs and other fields.

1060 alloy

The technical parameter of 1060 alloy aluminum sheet are:

Typical Alloy: 1060 Aluminum alloy

Material state: O, H18, H22, H24, etc.

Thickness (mm): 0.10-0.45

Width (mm): 100-2650

Length (mm): C

Typical products usage: power plant chemical plant insulation, power battery soft connection, aluminum-plastic panels, lighting materials, capacitor shells, etc.

Aluminum coil in 1060 alloy is a new type of exterior decoration material, which integrates heat preservation and decoration. The aluminum coil is beautiful and durable, and the overall performance is good. The utility model overcomes the problem that the thermal insulation material and the decorative surface material cannot be closely combined, so that the thermal insulation material and the decorative surface material are closely combined, not easy to fall off and loosen, and the wind resistance strength and flatness of the decorative surface are improved.

Haomei Aluminum's 1060 alloy products are always in stock, and can cut aluminum strips and narrow strips for customers, such as transformer aluminum strips. If you need to know more about spot specifications and aluminum coil prices, please contact our sales manager by email or whatsapp.


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