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Pre coated 3003 aluminum for roofing

The aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy 3003 aluminum for roofing and exterior walls generally adopts the pre coated process, which has the advantages of good color difference control, uniform paint film, high quality stability and environmental protection. The coating type is generally selected from PVDF fluorocarbon paint and pe coating.

3003 aluminum for roofing

The aluminum-magnesium-manganese roofing is a cost-effective roofing and exterior wall material. Aluminum roofing sheet alloy has been widely used in the construction industry, playing an important role in the development of modern buildings in the direction of comfort, lightness, durability, economy and environmental protection. The color coated 3003 aluminum for roofing has good weather resistance when applied in various climatic conditions, and exhibits good corrosion resistance in acid, alkali and salt chemical corrosive environments. The product specification are:
Alloy: 3003 3004 3104 3105
Thickness 0.18mm ~ 1.5mm
Width: 580mm-1850mm
The coating thickness: more than 25um
Fire rating: B3 (flame retardant: melt)

3003 aluminum for roofing has many advantages such as high corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, light weight, high strength and easy processing. As applied to the roofing outside, the aging of the paint is resistant to the ultraviolet light of the sun as much as possible. Among them, the anti-aging property of the PVDF paint (fluorocarbon coating) is the best, and the pre-coated PVDF paint has a resin content of 70%-80%.


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