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5 bar aluminum tread plate factory - Haomei

The 5 bar aluminum tread plate factory Haomei in china produce aluminum checker plate 5 bars for anti slip and decoration purpose. 5 bar aluminum tread plate is commonly known as the anti-slip aluminum plate, which is divided into a large 5 bars aluminum tread plate, large five-bars mirror mirrored aluminum tread plate, small five-bars aluminum tread plate and small five-bars mirrored aluminum tread plate. The main materials of the five bars aluminum checkered plates include: 1060, alloy 3003 and alloy 5052.

5 bar aluminum tread plate factory

The main functions of the anti slip 5 bars aluminum tread plates are that they are commonly used in cold storage projects, automobiles, buses, motor trains and other contact belts. Besides of the anti slip effect of car board, non-slip floor, aluminum tread plate 5 bars and can also be used in car industry car board, tool boxes, kitchen utensils, signs, craft gifts, household appliances panels, decorative building materials, etc.

The comparative advantages of the 5 bar aluminum tread plate are.
The 5 bar aluminum tread plate factory in China can offer low price and high quality. The price advantage leads consumer choices and guides users to choose new low-carbon products.
The weight of aluminum trad plate is light, easy to handle, install, and disassemble, it is also safe in transportation and construction.
According to the building regulations, the aluminum material is light and flame retardant.
4)Environmental protection.
Aluminum does not rust and decay, contains no radioactive substances; can be reused, can be recycled after use.


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