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Best selling 5 bar aluminum tread plate

5 bar aluminum tread plate has good skid resistance, it is widely used in the design of building (floor) platform, ships, stairs, shopping mall, vehicle skid resistance and other aspects. Because the pattern on the surface of five bars aluminum tread plate is arranged in accordance with five concave and convex decorative patterns in a relatively parallel way, so the aluminum tread plate has excellent anti-skid performance.

5 bar aluminum tread plate

The aluminum tread plate with five bars is mainly used in traffic, especially for anti-skid road vehicles on snowy days, and is widely applicable to cars, buses, bullet trains and so on. Because of the good anti-skid ability, aluminum tread plate 5 bars is also widely used in the construction industry. On the exterior, the specification of 5 bars aluminium tread plate is different, on the interior, the quality of 5 bars aluminum checkered plate is different with different manufacturers. In order to choose reliable quality aluminum tread plate product and factory, we should master the following a few principles.

First is to see the surface of 5 bars aluminum tread plate. Although the external color is visible to the naked eye, but the color and luster of the product is closely related to the production process, quality control and so on. Secondly, to choose the 5 bar aluminum tread plate with uniform thickness, due to technical and technological limitations, it is difficult for some small factory to ensure uniform and neat product thickness, therefore, thickness is also an important factor testing the quality of 5 bars aluminum checker plate. The last is the casting process of tread plate aluminum. Generally speaking, professional aluminum tread plate manufacturers will use integrated molding process, while ensure the superior product performance, improve the yield and reduce production costs at the same time.


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