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5083 Aluminum Plate Manufacturers

Anti-rust aluminum plate marine grade 5083 alloy is the core product of 5083 aluminum plate manufacturers. In shipboard applications, there are mainly O, H111, H112, H116, H321 and other tempers of 5083 aluminum plate. The O temper is an annealed state, which is suitable for processed products that have been fully annealed to obtain the lowest strength. H111 refers to an appropriate amount of work hardening after the final annealing, but the degree of work hardening is not as good as the H11 state. H112 refers to products that are suitable for thermal processing. The H112 state has certain requirements for mechanical properties. H116 refers to 5083 aluminum plate with a magnesium content greater than or equal to 4%. It also has certain requirements for the mechanical properties and spalling corrosion resistance of the product.

5083 aluminum plate manufacturers

Among 5083 aluminum plate manufacturers, aluminum plate products in the state of H111, H112, and H321 are the most widely used. Because of the environmental requirements of the marine field, among many alloy products, the 5000 series alloy represented by 5083 H321 marine aluminum plate is the most widely used 5083 aluminum plate product.

In the development of the international marine economy, the performance of anti-rust aluminum plates and their international certification are one of the important factors restricting the development of domestic aluminum enterprises. On the whole, there are only a few large and powerful manufacturers that have the internationally recognized anti-rust aluminum certification. These large 5083 aluminum plate manufacturers have ability of large-scale production of 5083 anti-corrosion and rust-proof aluminum plate, while possessing industry-leading production equipment and technological level, is also the object of learning and imitating by many domestic rust-proof aluminum plate manufacturers. These enterprises have also been leading the industry in many aspects and promoting the development of the industry. The production innovation of rust-proof aluminum plate provides reliable practical guidance.


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