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98 Reflective Aluminum Sheet

With the technological innovation of the aluminum processing industry, the surface brightness and surface color of aluminum sheet products have been rapidly improved, and 98 reflective aluminum sheet has also emerged as the times require, and has gradually entered people's field of vision, and is widely used in lighting equipment, high-end cosmetics, automobiles or buildings, decoration and exterior walls and other fields have been well applied. In recent years, the field of solar energy equipment and high-power LED lighting has developed rapidly, and the demand for reflective materials has also shown a trend of rapid growth. As a new type of reflective material, mirror reflective aluminum sheet is also attracting attention from all parties and has become a major innovation field for aluminum applications.

98 reflective aluminum sheet

98 reflective aluminum sheet is an aluminum sheet product produced by rolling. The surface can achieve the effect comparable to a mirror. Even with the oxide film and coating formed by anodic oxidation, it can still maintain high finish and high reflectivity, and maintain a high scratch resistance, corrosion resistance and good strength and formability. At present, the commonly used mirror aluminum is generally 1000, 3000 series aluminum alloy, which is sufficient for general decoration and other fields, but it is difficult to meet the requirements of high performance reflective materials. Therefore, mirror reflective aluminum sheet as a reflective material needs to develop in the direction of higher reflectivity (total reflectivity>90%), high thermal conductivity, high scratch resistance and corrosion resistance, and medium strength.

In order to meet the higher requirements of reflective mirror aluminum sheet, Haomei Aluminum have worked to realize the closed loop of mirror aluminum products through market orientation, laboratory research, and industrial trial production. Researched and developed high reflectivity mirror aluminum sheet to meet the high requirements of the LED lighting and solar industry. At present, the mirror aluminum sheet 98 reflective produced by Haomei Aluminum have begun to expand the market to solar energy, high-power LED lighting and other application fields, and gradually replace imported products.

It is reported that 98 reflective aluminum sheet are generally produced by rolling process, and the reflectivity generally reaches 90% or even 98%. Therefore, the requirements for the purity and surface state of the material are extremely high. In the process of producing this product, aluminum processing enterprises need to adjust the composition and process, strictly control the grain size of the plate, the size and distribution uniformity of the second phase, in order to meet the requirements of the final product.


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