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CTCP Plate Price

Haomei Aluminum offer competitive ctcp plate price while ensure prime quality and fast production. The CTCP plate can be seen as high end offset printing material in digital printing. Printed technology to update and iterate quickly. Today, Haomei Aluminum will bring you CTcP plate-making technology, and introduce the advantages of this technology in detail.

CTCP plate price

CTCP plate has many advantages, the most obvious being that it improves production efficiency, saves time and reduces production costs. However, the extent to which CTCP can reflect the advantages is also related to the degree of mastery of digital technology by printing companies. There are many important factors affecting time and cost in the transition from traditional plate making to computer-to-plate making. Advantages of current CTCP plate technology:

1, Simplified process flow. The CTCP system reduces the process of filming, printing and other processes in the traditional process, saving consumables and related costs.

2, Use traditional PS plates. In various CTP systems, special CTP plates are inevitably required, which are very expensive. The plate used in CTCP plate making is a cheap conventional printing plate, that is, the general PS plate used in the current process. Compared with other CTP technologies, CTCP plate price has a large advantage due to the use of traditional PS plates, developing machines and liquid medicine, and can realize low-cost production operation.

3, The equipment is simple. The CTCP system uses UV-sensitive plates, so it can be easily operated in bright room conditions, and companies can also introduce the system without changing other operating environments before printing. Its light source adopts ultraviolet lamp tube, the life span has been increased to 2500 hours, and the price is less than 1/10 of the laser light source, so the operation and maintenance cost of the equipment is very low.


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