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How does the PS plate produced

For manufacturing aluminum PS plate for printing relates to a production process of aluminum alloy sheet. It solves the problem of poor organization, poor surface quality, poor board shape and uneven thickness of aluminum plate existed.

aluminum PS plate 

A method for manufacturing aluminum PS base plate for printing is characterized in the method comprises steps:

1. The mentioned alloy composition was mixed at the weight ratio of Al: 98, Si: <1.0, Fe: 0.3 to 1.0, Cu: 0.03, Zn: 0.03, Mg: 0.03 and Ti: 0.05 under the condition of melting temperature 720 ~ 800for melting.

2. And then casting into alloy ingot under the conditions of casting temperature 690 ~ 750.

3. The alloy ingot is homogenized and annealed at a temperature of 500 to 610.

4. And then hot-rolled at a temperature of 400 to 540;

5. The hot-rolled billet is cold rolled from 9.0mm to 0.7mm;

6. Under the conditions of temperature 300~ 500for the middle annealing 11hour, holding temperature for 1hour and then cold rolled to 0.15mm, after stretching, complete straightening, cutting to get the finished product.


PS plate for printing of Haomei aluminum is with high printing quality, strong printing resistance, environmentally friendly, clean and sanitary, reasonable cost, high resolution, clear writing, fast reproducibility. The aluminum plate is about the 1050, 1060,1070 aluminum alloy, the aluminum content were 99.50%, 99.60%, 99.70%. It has become an indisputable high quality PS plate substrate with the advantages of low density, high strength, moderate wear resistance, good forming, good hydrophilicity, high stability and good surface treatment.


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