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Hot Sale Aluminium 7075 Plate

The aluminium 7075 plate belongs to titanium-magnesium-aluminum alloy, which has undergone unique solutions. 7075 aluminium plate can withstand thousands of degrees of high temperature or strong impact. It is a metal aluminum with high compressive strength and corrosion resistance because it go through high-temperature air oxidation. It has the characteristics of lightness and durability, so it is widely used in many new technology industries such as the manufacturing of airline equipment.

aluminium 7075 plate

The aluminium 7075 plate has high ultimate strength and tensile strength, and bears a large load. It is used in the production of aircraft wing surface skins and beams. Aluminum 7075 alloy casting has small density, high corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, so applied in production of diesel engine casings, etc. Compared with general aluminum alloy profiles, the aluminum alloy profiles used in airports have higher requirements for compressive strength, ductility, fatigue relief, and plastic deformation. Because airline 7075 aluminum plate are light in quality and have remarkable results in light weight, they have long replaced stainless steel sheets and occupy the dominant position in today's airline raw materials.

Zinc is a key aluminum alloy element in aluminium 7075 plate. Adding magnesium to aluminum alloy containing 3%-7.5% zinc can produce MgZn2 with significant strengthening effect, making the actual effect of the heat treatment process of this aluminum alloy far better than aluminum -Zinc binary aluminum alloy. Increasing the zinc and magnesium components in the aluminum alloy will further improve the compressive strength, but its ability to resist intergranular corrosion and peeling corrosion will decrease. Withstand the heat treatment process, can achieve very high compressive strength characteristics.


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