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Aluminium 7075

Aluminium 7075 is currently a relatively high-end strong aluminum alloy in commercial use. It has the advantages of compact structure and corrosion resistance. It can make deep drilling performance better and enhance the wear resistance of tools. 7075 aluminium It is widely used in the aviation industry, and also used in shipbuilding plates, such as abrasive tool processing. There are also applications in industries such as machinery and equipment. It can be said that it has a wide range of applications and many applicable industries.

aluminium 7075

The physical properties of 7075 aluminium: tensile strength: 524Mpa, 0.2% yield strength: 455Mpa, elastic modulus E: 71GPa, hardness: 150HB, density: 2.81g/cm^3, Poisson's ratio: 0.33. 7075 aluminium plate can Used in the field of industrial production machinery and equipment manufacturing, its performance is better than other aluminum alloy materials, so it is also widely used in the processing and manufacturing industry, and it also improves the product quality in the field of machinery and equipment manufacturing.

Aluminium 7075 plate is also widely used in the aerospace field, because the cold forging technology is used, so the strength is very good. Compared with other aluminum alloys, the strength of 7075 aluminium plate is very high, and 7075 aluminum plate also has good corrosion resistance and can better cope with the complex environment in outer space. 7075 aluminum plate is also widely used in the field of mold manufacturing, especially in the mold of industrial production equipment parts, shoe molds, etc. In the field of mold production and manufacturing, there is a great demand for this strength aluminum alloy. Because the fatigue strength of the mold is better, otherwise it is very easy to damage during the production process.


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