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Aluminium checker plate suppliers

Haomei is one of the aluminium checker plate suppliers in China, we produce 1060, 3003, 5052, 5083 and 6061 aluminium tread plate 0.8-10mm. The aluminium tread plate products are not only non-slip and beautiful, have strong corrosion resistance, and are cheaper. Haomei aluminium checker plate are all implemented in national standards and are widely used in transportation, construction and decoration.

aluminium checker plate suppliers

The processing method of aluminium tread plate is embossing on aluminium plates by mechanical equipment to make the surface of the plate appear concave and convex patterns. The most common used aluminium checker plate is flat on one side and the pattern on the other side. Such aluminium tread plates are more commonly used in chemical, railway vehicles, platforms and other places where strength is required. These aluminum tread plate materials are commonly used in industrial and domestic applications due to their high strength and low cost, combined with ductility and processability. In addition to being very suitable as a safe, resilient floor, they are also used as lightweight building materials, sometimes for architectural applications. In addition to being used as a functional non-slip surface, diamond aluminum sheets have cosmetic applications due to the attractive appearance and are sold as flooring materials. Its mirrored effect makes it an ideal way to contrast and highlight other materials or items, including custom cars in the showroom.

As a professional aluminium checker plate supplier in China, we engaged in improve the strength of aluminum tread plates, reduce raw material costs, save energy, reduce production costs, and improve product quality. Maintenance of hot rolled billets, pre-embossing billets, roll process lubricants, and patterned rolls.


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