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Aluminium Circle Sheet A3003 O

Aluminium circle sheet a3003 o are aluminum products processed from 3003 aluminum coils by stamping equipment. The aluminum circle sheet usually in the shape of a circle. Aluminum circle discs are divided into cookware aluminium discs, cosmetic aluminium discs, stamping aluminium discs, road sign aluminium discs, lighting shade aluminum discs, etc. Commonly used in cookware, kitchen utensils, cooking utensils, cosmetic bottle caps, medicine bottle caps, lamps and utensils, hardware and electrical shells, billboards, traffic sign processing and other industries.

aluminium circle sheet a3003 o

The aluminium circle sheet a3003 o is prime quality series aluminum circle product, 3003 aluminum alloy ensure anti rust performance, soft temper ensure 3003 aluminum circle sheet good deep drawing performance. Haomei Aluminum have advanced stamping production line, which can produce aluminum circle sheet products with a thickness of 0.3--5 mm and a diameter of 100-950 mm. Special shapes can be customized by opening molds. The aluminum disc circles has good tensile properties, no scratches, no oil stains on the surface, and good ductility. It is suitable for users to carry out subsequent processing such as anodizing, spraying and coloring. The aluminum circle specification offered by Haomei Aluminum are:

【Alloy】 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 3003, 5052 aluminum disc

【Tempers】 O, H32, H34, H36, H38, H111, H112 [can be customized]

【Thickness】0.02mm - 12.00mm

【Width】20mm - 2600mm

【Length】20mm - 8000mm

【Surface treatment】 Additional aluminum plate processes such as single-sided and double-sided lamination, paper addition, etc.

【Technical parameters】tensile strength σb (MPa) ) 120-160

【Packaging】 Simple package, three-layer moisture-proof fine package, logistics packaging, foreign trade shipping packaging [fumigation wooden pallet].

The aluminium circle sheet a3003 o product won good reputation because of the high performance, the product advantages of 3003 aluminum circle sheet are:

1, It has excellent anti-rust performance.

2, Good formability, high corrosion resistance, good weldability and electrical conductivity, and higher strength than 1100.

3, The surface is smooth, with good plasticity and compression resistance.

4, The 3003 aluminium circle is not easy to be damaged and leaked, and can meet the strength and rigidity requirements of the cooking utensils.


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