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Colored aluminium coated sheet

Colored aluminium coated sheet are aluminum and aluminum alloy sheets with a coating and color treatment on the surface, which are deep-processed products. Because color coated aluminum sheet has good flatness, corrosion resistance, decoration, and mechanical properties, it is favored by the market and is widely used in building decoration, food packaging, electronics, printing, transportation and other fields.

aluminium coated sheet

Color coated aluminum is divided into relatively high-end fluorocarbon(PVDF) color-coated and low-end polyester(PE) color-coated. PVDF has higher performance with resistance to rain, sunlight, corrosion and Ultraviolet rays, so PVDF color coated aluminum is mainly used in outdoor application and it has longer service life. PE coating has lower price and PE color coated aluminum is mainly used in indoor application. 3003 color coated aluminum sheet coil has the advantages of good corrosion resistance, convenient processing and forming, bright colors and beautiful appearance. Aluminum magnesium manganese metal roof system is widely used in stadium metal roof, airport metal roof, theater metal roof, high-end factory metal roof, city landmark building, civil building and other large-scale building metal roof.

The aluminium coated sheet has a beautiful appearance and long-lasting corrosion resistance. Its strength is easy to install, fire resistance and heat insulation are very good. In addition, the color-coated aluminum sheet has very good recyclability due to its special material, which can be said to be very economic.


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