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High quality aluminium coil cladding 1060 3003

High quality aluminium coil cladding 1060 3003 for insulation and moisture barrier are used to protect the thermal diffusion of the pipeline. Insulation aluminum coil for cladding can meet the needs of anti-corrosion, anti-rust and heat preservation in many industries, it has the features of good gloss, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and no fading.

aluminium coil cladding

Insulating aluminum coil cladding generally use 1100 aluminum coil and 1060 aluminum coil. If the use requirements are high, the 3003 anti-rust aluminum coil can be used. Aluminum sheet coil cladding has been more and more widely used in power plants, chemical plants pipeline corrosion insulation projects. Generally speaking, if the environment humidity is high, the 3003 aluminum coil with anti rust should be choose, if the climate is dry, 1060 aluminum coil is suitable enough.

At present, the commonly used thermal insulation aluminum coil cladding are divided into three types: 1000 series pure aluminum coil, 3000 series aluminum manganese alloy, and 5000 series aluminum magnesium alloy. Among them, 1000 series is pure aluminum, the price is the lowest, and the municipal pipe and roof insulation are mostly used. The 3000 series aluminum coil has higher hardness and is used in the outer packaging parts, such as tanks, mechanical parts, refrigerators, refrigeration parts of air conditioners, etc.; The 5000 series aluminum coils is an excellent rust-proof aluminum with highest price, which is used in special environments such as maritime, marine, chemical, and electric power.


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