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Haomei supply aluminium coil for condenser fin 1145, 1050, 1100, 1200, 8011 with high efficiency heat transfer, excellent performance and stable quality. Aluminum condenser coil has excellent mechanical properties, safe and reliable operation, accurate size, high surface finish, small flow resistance and high heat transfer efficiency. Different alloys have determined their different mechanical properties.

aluminium coil for condenser fin

Different alloy temper are suitable for different heat sinks. The choice of a reasonable chemical composition, is the premise to produce a heat sink that meets different punching methods. In order to meet the punching performance of the condenser fin the aluminum condenser coil must have the characteristics of fine and uniform structure, good slag removal and degassing. Due to differences in the molding method, shape and punching speed of the fins, the aluminum coil is required to have different states and mechanical properties.

The condenser fin has high punching speed and complicated deformation, and its thickness tolerance requirement is stricter than that of general industrial aluminum coil. Generally, the industrial aluminum coil thickness tolerance is within ±8% of the nominal thickness, and the aluminium coil for condenser fin is guaranteed to be ± 3 in thickness. ~ 5% or less. It can be seen that the thickness tolerance of aluminum condenser coil is much stricter than that of ordinary aluminum coil. To ensure such strict thickness tolerance, aluminum coil rolling mill must have advanced thickness automatic detection system and thickness automatic control system.


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