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The introduction of the aluminum coil for PS plate

The aluminum coil for PS plate is made of high-quality aluminum sheet coil, and the base aluminum coil treatment has two processes of brush grinding and electrolytic grinding. PS plate is a photosensitive offset plate with multi-layer structure, it uses aluminium sheet plate as support, the aluminum plate has been processed by various processes, the purpose of these processes is to give it photosensitive properties and printing suitability.

aluminium coil for ps plate

Brush grinding is a mechanical grinding, which has been used in the early days and has been rarely used in recent years. Today, electrolytic grinding is used to achieve a uniform and dense sand layer on the surface of the aluminum sheet for ps plate. Electrolytic grinding plates use a acid (usually hydrochloric acid or nitric acid) to etch the surface into a sand layer. The internal quality requirements of the aluminum plate are different for the brushed plate and the electrolytic plate. Domestic and international brushing plates often use 3103 aluminum alloy, while electrolytic grinding plates usually use 1050 aluminum, 1052 aluminum and 1060 aluminum sheet coil. The strength of the aluminium coil for ps plate is high, and the sand formed after electrolysis is meticulous, which is more and more popular by the PS plate manufacturer.


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