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The aluminium coils manufacturers in China supply aluminum coil 1060 1050 3003 5052 with high quality, low cost and fast production. Aluminum coil is a rolled aluminum product having an ID (inner diameter) and an OD (outer diameter), which are manufactured in a continuous strip in a wound form.

aluminium coils manufacturers

The product specification of aluminum coil manufacturers are:
Alloy: 1050, 1060, 3003 3105, 3005, 5052, 5754, 5083, 6061, 8011, 8021, etc.
Thickness: 0.3-6mm
Width: 300-1600mm

The aluminum coil is mainly divided into three types: pure aluminum, 3000 series aluminum-manganese alloy and 5000 series aluminum-magnesium alloy.
1, 1000 series pure aluminum is the most commonly used aluminum coil product. 1050 1060 aluminum coil are the representative of 1000 series aluminium coils, with a very high cost performance. The production process of 1000 series aluminum coils is simple, the technology is mature, the price is low, the construction is easy, and the rust prevention performance is excellent. The 1060 aluminum coil has good elongation and tensile strength and does not rust when exposed to water, so it is mainly used for the anti-rust insulation project of pipelines, equipment, factories, buildings and other facilities.
2, The 3000 series aluminum coil is Aluminum-Manganese alloy, the represent alloy is 3003 aluminum, the corrosion resistance of 3003 H14 aluminum coil is very good, close to the corrosion resistance of industrial pure aluminum, and has good corrosion resistance to atmospheric, fresh water, sea water, food, organic acid, gasoline, neutral inorganic salt aqueous solution, etc. The corrosion resistance in the acid is also very good.
3, The 5000 series aluminum coil is Aluminum-Magnesium alloy, the represent alloy is 5052 aluminum, 5052 H32 aluminum coil produced by aluminium coils manufacturers has very good forming and processing properties and is widely used in construction, automobile, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing and other industries.


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