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Aluminium five bar tread plate

The surface pattern of the aluminium five bar tread plate is five concave and convex patterns, which have the function of anti-slip. So the five bar aluminium tread plate are mainly used in the fields of car, cold storage floor, workshop floor, elevator and the like. The application of aluminum tread plate is very wide. Besides of five bar pattern, there are also three bars and diamond pattern aluminum plates are common varieties. Aluminium tread plates are often seen in the fields of construction, transportation, decoration and refrigeration equipment.

aluminium five bar tread plate

The 5 bars aluminum tread plate has low density and light weight, so when applied as the anti-slip aluminum plate can effectively reduce the weight, and the aluminum tread plate has good rust and corrosion resistance, and is suitable for use in a vehicle environment. The five bar aluminium tread plate has a certain decorative effect. Even if it is used for a long time, it is not necessary to worry about the occurrence of rust, it is especially suitable for the anti-skid industry. In recent years, the amount of the floor in the workshop and the floor of the cold storage has gradually increased.

When we are purchase aluminium five bar tread plate, we should select a manufacturer with quality certification. The 5 bars aluminum tread plate produced by the formal large factory is exquisite in materials, the board surface is bright and clean, the pattern is clear and tidy, the aluminum plate is flat, the surface is free from oil, scratches, and broken defects. However, the aluminum tread plate 5 bars produced by the small factory is made of scrap aluminum, so the surface is dull, the pattern is not clear, it is not neat, the board surface is not flat, and the performance is not up to standard because of low quality.


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