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The main development trend of aluminium painted sheet is to improve the durability of coatings, special colors, special surfaces, environmental protection and high-strength thinning of aluminum substrates. New varieties of color coated aluminium sheet are emerging in endlessly. In order to meet the needs of buildings in different environments, functionality and use are emphasized.

aluminium painted sheet

Poor rust resistance is one of the important characteristics of color coated sheet properties, and rust changes will also seriously affect the safety of structures and shorten their lifespan. Other materials like steel needs to take long-term protective measures to achieve long-term use effects. Now the anti-corrosion method of steel structure mainly adopts anti-corrosion coating. The thickness of aluminium painted sheet is only 0.5~3.0mm. Therefore, the durability of color coated aluminium sheet is a matter of great concern to users.

From a microscopic point of view, there are many pinholes in the coating of painted aluminium sheet, and the size of the pinholes is large enough to allow external corrosive media (water, oxygen, chloride ions, etc.) to penetrate into the aluminum substrate, causing filiform corrosion under a certain relative humidity. The thicker the coating, the fewer pinholes, and the better the corrosion resistance of the color coated aluminum. Different coating thicknesses affect the corrosion resistance. The test results show that when the coating thickness is above 20μm, the anti-corrosion effect is relatively stable.

Since the aluminium painted sheet is a new type of material, the number of manufacturers in China is not large. Haomei Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a strong pre-painted aluminum sheet manufacturer in Henan. The equipment investment is 245 million yuan and the annual output can reach 1.5 million square meters. It can be customized according to samples and supports processing with supplied materials. The product quality is good, the production efficiency is high, and the delivery time is short.


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