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Aluminium profile applied in the industry

Aluminium profile is different from ordinary aluminum product, it has specific shape and specifications and is generally applied to industrial area. Thus industrial aluminum profile is the biggest classification, the industrial aluminum profiles are widely used. They are known for the advantages of environmental protection, ease to assembly and disassembly, save installation time, long using period, high strength, light weight, low cost and fire resistance.

aluminium profile

Industrial aluminium profile have many varieties and specifications, and are suitable for all types of machinery and equipment, do not need to be weld, convenient size adjustment, easy structural replacement, strict dimensional tolerances, high surface finish, easy assembly, high productivity, anodized surface treatment available, anti-corrosion, no spray, beautiful appearance. The application scope of industrial aluminum profile are: production lines, assembly line worktables, office partitions, screens, industrial fences and various frames, display racks, shelves, mechanical dust covers, windows, doors, walls, etc. Different cross sections and sizes have different uses, aluminum profile has excellent corrosion resistance, and high specific strength, so it has been widely used in the industrial sectors such as machinery and national defense, partially replacing materials such as steel, copper and stainless steel. Haomei Aluminum supply 1000 series to 8000 series aluminium profile to over 40 countries’ customers, please contact our sales to get more details if you have interest.


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