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Casting aluminium sheet roll

In the industrial production, various materials are used, and the hot-rolled aluminium sheet roll is an indispensable material choice. Alloy aluminum coil has a wide application value in the field of industrial application, cladding insulation and modern architectural decoration. The superior product performance of alloy aluminum coil is recognized by more and more friends.

aluminium sheet roll

In the process of aluminium coil product, the large plastic deformation, the internal arrangement experienced repeated recovery and recrystallization, and the coarse grain of the forging condition was broken, and the micro crack was healed. The aluminum billet has been significantly improved in terms of homogenization of the internal arrangement, size and shape of the crystal grains, point defects and line defects, and changes in the concentration of defects, so that the as-cast arrangement is transformed into a deformation arrangement, which greatly improves the processing function of the aluminum coil. Especially in the deep-drawing function, hot-rolled aluminum sheet roll materials have the advantage of casting and rolling. The characteristics of the casting-rolling method: the internal arrangement of the cast-rolled aluminium sheet roll is attributed to the semi-cast structure, and the directionality of the crystal is stronger. Compared with hot rolling, it has the characteristics of less capital, low cost and high efficiency.


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