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Aluminium strip suppliers and manufacturers in China

Aluminium strip suppliers and manufacturers in China provide aluminium strips 1060 1070 1100 3003 3004 for transformer, cable and lamp base. According to the application, the aluminum coil is cut into aluminum strips of the required width, and can be used for aluminum-plastic composite pipes, cables, optical cables, transformers, heat exchagers and shutters. The thickness of aluminium strips are 0.2-2.0mm, and the width are 50-500mm.

aluminium strip suppliers

The aluminium strip slitting method can be divided into two types: a straight pull type and a loose sleeve type. The straight pull type is that the aluminum strip is tensioned from the unwinding sail to the coiler, and the production method is suitable for trimming and intermediate slitting. The loop type is that the aluminium strip forms a pan sleeve between the vacuum table and the disc shear in the machine row, and the production method is suitable for both trimming and slitting.

In the production process of the thin aluminium strip, the requirements is high, and the edge defect is easily generated by the aluminum strip is excluded in the slitting machine slitting process. In the production of aluminium strip slitting, the tool or flattening roller should be re-adjusted every time the ruffle defect occurs, and the various surface quality problems occurring during the slitting process of the aluminum strip are solved one by one to ensure the finished aluminum strip surface is smooth and has no burrs.

The product features of aluminium strip suppliers are: the tolerance is small, the surface is fine and smooth, and there is no peeling, roller marks, etc. The aluminum coil strip material can be spread out in a straight state, the deviation is small, the straightness is guaranteed. The manufactured aluminium strips have excellent mechanical properties, high fatigue resistance and smooth edges on both sides.


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