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Aluminum checker plate manufacturers

As one of the aluminum checker plate manufacturers in China, Haomei supply 1060, 3003, 5083 alloy with different patterns. Aluminum checker plate is a aluminum plate with convex (or concave), rhombus or ribs patterns on the surface, it is also called aluminum tread plate, the pattern can be a single diamond, lentil or round bean shape, or two or more patterns can be appropriately combined to form a combined pattern checker plate. The main function of aluminium checker plate is anti-skid and decoration. The combined effect of anti-skid ability, bending resistance, metal saving and appearance of the combined pattern aluminum tread plate is significantly better than that of the single pattern tread plate. The equipment operating platform generally uses a checkered plate platform plate; the building platform generally uses a checkered plate step.

aluminum checker plate manufacturers

When we are choose aluminum checker plate manufacturers, we should pay attention to the following aspects:

1, When bending the aluminum checkered plate, check whether the front side is broken.
2, Check whether the surface of the aluminum tread plate is flat and smooth, without ripples, bulges, shelters, or scratches.
3, Measure whether the aluminum checker plate meets the requirements of the contract, for example the alloy, temper, thickness, width, length, the element content, the physical performance and so on.
4, Check whether the material of the checkered aluminum plate is adulterated or not, inspect the pattern on the surface, check the length and height of the patterns.
5, Ask the aluminum checker plate manufacturers for the quality inspection report, warranty certificate, and ISO-9002 international quality certification. The manufacturers who own these are produced by regular manufacturers, which can guarantee product quality, equal price than quality, and equal quality than price.


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