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The best aluminum circle manufacturers in China

Haomei aluminum introduce advanced aluminum circle production equipment, improve production efficiency and material utilization effectively, the utilization rate of raw materials is more than 80%. Product variety is complete, and cover 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 series alloys, aluminum products are widely used in processing and manufacturing of cooking utensils with tensile aluminum circle, lamps and lanterns tensile aluminum circle, traffic signage for aluminum circle, aluminum cans, and seal the top of tank of all kinds of required aluminum circle, aluminum disc industry. So Haomei aluminum has been one of the best aluminum circle manufacturers in China and even in the world market!

aluminum circle manufacturers

The performance characteristics of Haomei aluminum circle are:

1, The surface performance is good, to ensure no obvious scratch, oil, oxidation, shading, etc.;

2, Have good control of on the coil grain size and elongation in the early period, ensure the good deep drawing and spinning performance of alumium circle, effectively avoid the occur of wiredrawing, falbala, ear rate higher adverse phenomenon in late processing;

3, Strictly control the coil alloy, the temper and detection performance, guarantee the accuracy and diversity of the provided aluminum circle;

4, The detailed classification of aluminum circle we supply, according to different purposes and requirements, customers can choose accurate category suitable for their business;

5, The aluminum circle product packaging firmly, meet the international export standards.

With years experience, Haomei aluminum are considered to be one of the best aluminum circle manufacturers from our customers. All specification and unique requirement are allowed in our factory, because our task is helping customers to solve all the problems in their business.


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