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Aluminum coil for thermal insulation 1060 3003

Aluminum coil for thermal insulation 1060 3003 0.2-8mm needs to have a smooth surface, can suitable for wrapped on the pipe for cladding and with moisture barrier. The surface quality requirement are no oil, no color difference, no oxidized spots and other problems. The aluminum coil for insulation cladding should be better press the edge and wrap the pipe, and there is no cracking during the crimping process, The thickness difference of the aluminum coil should be controlled within 0.02mm, only such a product can become high-quality insulation aluminum coil.

aluminum coil for thermal insulation

The insulating aluminum coil we produce mainly consists of 1060 pure aluminum and 3003 aluminum alloy. They are characterized by anti-corrosion and heat preservation, and 3003 aluminum coil has a good anti-rust effect. The packaging of the insulated cladding aluminum coil is mainly made of wood-based plastic cloth, woven cloth, paper-shell steel strip. In addition to the pure aluminum coil, for improve the insulation effect, the aluminum coil can be laminated with other material like paper, kraft paper, surlyn and polysurlyn film.

Aluminum coil for thermal insulation is widely used in the thermal insulation cladding project of power plant and chemical plants. In addition, in the thermal insulation project, the power plant mostly uses 1060 aluminum coil material. Because of its corrosive environment, the chemical plant chooses rust-proof aluminum alloy, which is 3003 aluminum-manganese alloy material.


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