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Haomei is one of the best aluminum coil manufacturers

Haomei is one of the best aluminum coil manufacturers, with over 20 years hard working, Haomei Aluminum finally grown up to be a large enterprise with more than 200 stuff and a big factory. Now our clients are spread all over the world, which is more than 40 countries. But it is not our task, we are determined to be one of the best aluminum coil manufacturers, not only in China, but also in worldwide. To help more friend on their business is our nonstop pursue. Why does Haomei aluminum grow up so quickly?

For we have good product, if you want to have high quality aluminum coil products, the aluminum ingot is the raw material, but the producing progress is more important. As Haomei have 5 hot rolling lines, 4 coil rolling lines, 5 foil mill producing lines, with advance production technology, the product can meet all the demands of our customers. The aluminum coil 1050, 1060, 1070, 3003, 5052 and 6061 supplied by Haomei won great reputation by our customers. We do not only supplier aluminum coil with series 1000 to series 80000, we also manufacture aluminum sheet plate, aluminum foil, aluminum strip, aluminum circle, aluminum slugs, cap materials, color coated aluminum and so on! In addition, we do offer best service, fast delivery, free sample, 24 hours response, all these won good reputation. We will continue work hard step by step to becomes one of the best aluminum coil manufacturers!


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