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Common method of aluminum coil production

Aluminum coil has the characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance, easy forming and recyclable. Under the premise of energy saving and environmental protection, the application of aluminum coil of industrial alloy in transportation, home appliances, electronics and mechanical equipment has been increased greatly. Using aluminum coil alloy to instead of steel, copper and other traditional metal materials become the development trend. While the aluminum coil production method is significant process of manufacture qualified aluminum coil products.

Aluminum coil production and processing methods belong to Rolling processing, also known as "Calendering" processing. Generally used two ways: hot rolling and casting. Hot rolling method has following characteristics: in the process of plastic deformation, the internal organization has experienced many times recovery and recrystallization, the coarse grain of the cast state is broken and the microcracks are healed. The aluminum coil blanks are homogenized in the internal organization, the size and shape of the grains, the defects such as the point defects and the lines defects have improved, the cast structure turns into the deformation organization, greatly improved the metal processing technology performance, especially in the deep drawing performance, hot-rolled material has an unparalleled advantage than casting. Casting method has following features: The internal organization belongs to the semi-cast structure, and the direction of the crystal is strong, which is characterized by low investment, low cost and high efficiency compared with hot rolling. No matter about hot rolled or casting method, the demands of the customers are the most important question to be considered, Haomei aluminum supply all specification aluminum coil product all over the world.


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