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What do you know about 7075 aluminum coil

There are various types of aluminum coils in industrial area, today our topic center is about the 7075 aluminum coil. For so many aluminum products manufactures, different aluminum coil stock have different usage. What is 7075 aluminum coil? We will learn about it as follows.

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7075 aluminum coil is a kind of cold treatment forging alloy, it is with high intensity which is far more than mild steel. 7075 aluminum coil is one of the most powerful alloy commercial. The general corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties and anodic reaction. Fine grain make deep drilling performance better, tool wear resistance is increased, thread rolling system is unique. 7075 aluminum coil belongs to Al - zinc - Mg - Cu super-hard aluminum, this kind of alloy has been applied in aircraft manufacturing industry in the late 1940 s, it is still widely used in aviation industry deformation of ultra high strength aluminum alloy. Its characteristic is good plasticity after solid solution treatment, heat treatment reinforcement effect is very good, has high strength under 150 , and has very good strength at low temperature, the welding performance is poor, it has stress corrosion cracking tendency, 7075 aluminum coil stock need to be packaged or other protective treatment. Two-stage aging alloy can be improved the ability of resistance to stress corrosion cracking. After annealing and quenching condition of plasticity was slightly lower than the same state of 2A12 and was slightly better than that of 7A04. The notch is sensitive and the stress corrosion performance is better than that of 7404.If you need the price of 7075 aluminum coil or other questions, I am happy to recommend Haomei to you, for the mature producing and service experience and advance technology, Haomei covers their career in the aluminum global market. Mention the repudiation and service form Haomei, you can understand that Haomei is a superior supplier who can be your right work partner!


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