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Aluminum Coil Suppliers In China

Aluminum coil suppliers in china have good reputation on world market and have been big export country of aluminum coils product. Aluminum coil is a kind of metal sheet, which is melted from aluminum ingots, plus different alloys, and processed into aluminum coils by casting or hot rolling, cold rolling, annealing, cross-cutting and other processes. The aluminum coil product have the characteristics of can be strengthened, plasticity, easy processing, corrosion resistance, no low temperature brittleness, good electrical conductivity, good thermal conductivity, sound absorption, nuclear radiation resistance, beautiful appearance, surface reprocessing and other advantages. Therefore, it is widely used, with an annual growth rate of 7%.

aluminum coil suppliers in china

Aluminum coil suppliers in china manufacture aluminium coil product widely used in electronics, packaging, construction, machinery, etc. There are many aluminum coil manufacturers in China, and the production technology has caught up with developed countries. We Haomei Aluminum have many customers who purchase aluminum coil for further process. The application scope of aluminum coil are:

1, Color coated aluminum coils, aluminum plastic panels, integrated metal thermal insulation panels, aluminum veneers, aluminum honeycomb panels, aluminum ceilings and sheets.

2, Aluminum metal roof, aluminum corrugated board, interior aluminum plate, exterior aluminum plate, rolling door, downspout, decorative strip.

3, Aluminum packaging for pipes, traffic signs, aluminum curtain walls, aluminum cooking utensils, solar panels, etc.

4, Air conditioning foil, condenser, panel, interior panel.

Aluminum coil suppliers in china are well known by purchasers of low price, high quality, good service, so the long term cooperation is common seen between China aluminum coil suppliers and customers. Aluminum coil is a very common metal product, but although it is common, it is also produced in many places, but when you buy it, you must not be careless. You can compare more aluminum coil suppliers, so that you can choose the aluminum coil with good quality and low price.


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