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Aluminum Diamond Plate Suppliers

Haomei is one of the aluminum diamond plate suppliers engaged in aluminum checkered plate for more than 20 years. The aluminum diamond plates are widely used in many industries due to their excellent anti-slip effect. The diamond patterned aluminum plates are commonly used products in non-slip patterned aluminum plates. They are currently widely used in work platforms, carriages, ship bilges, cold storage, and workshop anti-skid.

aluminum diamond plate suppliers

The aluminum tread sheet is one of aluminum diamond plate suppliers superior products. We can produce 1000 series, 3000 series, 5000 series, 6000 series aluminum checkered sheet. The pattern type has one rib (also called pointer or gem pattern plate), two ribs, Three ribs, five ribs checkered plates, etc., support custom-made, you can choose at will.

The price of aluminum checkered plate is not a definite value. Its price will be affected by many factors such as manufacturer, region, product specification, aluminum ingot price, etc. Moreover, different aluminum diamond plate suppliers themselves have different investment in product technology and cost, and their pricing is also different. It must be different. The price of the specific diamond aluminum plate product needs to be determined in accordance with the actual production needs of the user, such as your product status, thickness, width, etc., it is recommended that you consult the professional aluminum tread plate manufacturer personnel, which will give more specific details based on the actual situation detailed quotation.


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