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The processing technology of aluminum embossed sheet

As early as many years ago, the industrial aluminum sheet usually through cutting, carving, milling and other processes, these processes are completed through the equipment to improve the shape and performance. Among them, the processing technology of aluminum embossed sheet is more complex than ordinary aluminum sheet. Let us go to understand the processing technology together.

Now many factories using intelligent equipment - computer controlled CNC machine, it built-in CAD mapping software. We compiled the needed shape of the aluminum plate into the computer, after a period of time, we can get the aluminum sheet we need. The anti-skid effect, decorative effect of aluminum embossed sheet is very good, so it is one of the main types of industrial aluminum. In order to press out the lines of aluminum sheet, the drawing process is used. In simple terms, the external force the metal go through the mold, the cross-sectional area of the metal is compressed, resulting in a variety of lines. And retention of metal texture form, gloss and characteristics of its surface for different treatment. This drawing process makes the aluminum embossed sheet with anti-rust, anti-oxidation and chemical reagents and other properties.

It is because of excellent processing technology, which makes the modern technology more perfect and efficient, at the same time, the performance of aluminum embossed sheet has also been improved greatly. Whether it is material selection or performance, all have a significant improvement. With the improving processing technology, there will be more and more people tend to choose this kind of healthy fashion sheet.


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