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Technical Specifications of Aluminum Foil Containers

Aluminum foil container has characteristics with thin thickness, the appearance of transparent, non-toxic, tasteless, good security, convenient to use, high anti-buffer strength, good retraction rate, anti-piercing, anti-tear performance. To the technical indicators of aluminum foil container, Haomei aluminum will introduced as follows.

aluminum foil container

1, the permissible stretch of the aluminum foil container

Permissible stretch is the maximum stretch that can be applied to a variety of necessary features in given use. Permissible stretching varies with different uses. The higher permissible stretch is, the smaller the amount of film used, the lower the cost of packaging is.

2, the self-adhesive properties of aluminum foil container

The adhesion between the films after contact, after the drawing process and the wrapping, the packaging product can be fastened and not loose. Self-adhesive impact by a number of factors outside. Such as humidity, dust and contaminants. There are two main ways to obtain a self-adhesive film. First, processing smooth and shiny surface film; Second, use increased adhesion filler, so that the surface of the film produce moist effect to enhance the adhesion.

3, the stretching of the aluminum foil container

Stretching is the ability of the film to produce elastic elongation after tension. Increasing the longitudinal stretch will eventually make the film to be thin and shorten the width. Although longitudinal stretching is beneficial, but excessive stretching is undesirable. As it will make film to be thin and easy to tear, and increase the tension applied to the package.

4, the toughness of aluminum foil container

Toughness is the comprehensive nature of film resistance to puncture and tear resistance. The tear resistance is the degree of tear resistance of the film when it is stressed and punctured. The tear resistance must be horizontal, perpendicular to the direction of the machine, since tearing in this direction will cause the package loosen and the package remains secure even if it is torn longitudinally.

5, the stress retention of aluminum foil container

Stress retention refers to the maintained tension degree applied to the film during the stretching process.


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