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Hot sale aluminum foil for cable 8011 o

The aluminum foil for cable 8011 o is the base material of cable shield aluminum-plastic composite foil which has great airtightness and shielding properties after being coated with plastic film on one or both sides. The common alloy and temper of aluminum foil for cable is 8011 O and 1145 O, the typical thickness is 0.1 to 0.2 mm.

aluminum foil for cable 8011 o

The tensile strength requirements of aluminum foil for cable 8011 o is Rm ≥ 70MPa or more than 80MPa; elongation requirements are: 0.20mm thick, A ≥ 20%; 0.15mm thick A ≥ 18%. This is mainly to prevent the aluminum foil for cable from broken when it is coated with film especially wound on the cable. Because the plastic foil film is cut into several strips, the narrowest is 12mm. There may be slight cracks or burrs when cutting. When using, it should be wrapped with tension. If there is a slight defect, it will break due to stress concentration. A cable is usually 2km or 3km long, and it is very dangerous to entangle an unexpected break on a high-speed machine and cause great economic losses. Therefore, measures must be taken to improve the mechanical properties of aluminum foil to meet customer requirements.

The mechanical properties of aluminum foil for cable 8011 o are related to the cold work rate. Generally, 8.0mm cast rolled aluminum raw material can be continuously processed to 0.10-0.15mm without annealing in the middle. If the edge crack is too severe, intermediate annealing is required, and the heat treatment system should be properly adjusted. The annealing furnace is to prevent the aluminum coil from being pressed and adopts a special steel frame and is placed in a suspended position. Otherwise, the annealed aluminum foil may stick together and cannot be separated.


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