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aluminium foil manufacturing process

According to the development of the aluminum foil, the aluminum foil manufacturing process mainly has the following three methods: Lap rolling method, strip rolling method and deposition.

aluminum foil manufacturing process

1. Lap rolling method

Lap rolling method is adopt multilayer block lap rolling method, it is the method of making foul products in double mill periods. The luminum foil manufactured by lap rolling method is prone to compressive, and flexural rolling minimum thickness is 0.01-0.02 mm, and to the rolling foil products, the length is short, the production efficiency is low. At present, the lap rolling method has rarely used.

2. Strip type rolling method

Strip type rolling method is the main method of the aluminum foil manufacturing process, the quantity of aluminum foil manufactured by this kind of method have accounted for more than 90%. It uses the plate after hot rolling or melt continuous casting and rolling plate as aluminum foil raw meterial. Aluminum foil raw material on the foil mill generally after 5 or 6 times of cold rolled into foil product, theer are not annealing in the process, usually at the end of the rolling pass by two or more layers rolling. The main characteristics of strip type rolling method is high efficiency (speed up to 2500 m/min), good surface quality, uniform thickness. Thethinnest thickness of  produced aluminum foil by this method is 0.005 mm, width is 2000 mm.

3. Deposition

Deposition is a new aluminum foil manufacturing process developed in recent years. The method can produce ultra-thin aluminum foil, the minimum thickness is 0.0004 mm. The main technological process is under the condition of vacuum, vapor deposition on the plastic film and become aluminium foil. The advantage of this producing method is can produce a ultra-thin aluminum foil, this is the strip type rolling method cannot reach. However, the deposition efficiency is low and with high cost, technical is difficult. At present it has not been widely used.


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