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Hot sale aluminum for pp caps closures 3105

Aluminum for pp caps closures 3105 mainly applied in wine bottle caps, cosmetic caps, medicinal caps, can lids, etc. The aluminum pp caps closure has simple structure, strong adaptability and good sealing effect. It can not only print colorful patterns, but also easy to realize mass production, and the cost is low. If special and advanced printing methods are adopted, the anti-counterfeiting effect of the aluminum closure is also well.

aluminum for pp caps closures 3105

The main alloy grades of the cap material are 1060, 8011, 3105, 3104, etc. The main tempers are H14, H16, H18 and so on. The commonly used aluminum closure sheet material has a specification thickness ranging from 0.15 mm to 0.5 mm, a width of 200 to 1500 mm, a thickness tolerance of ±0.005 mm, and a tolerance of a width range of ±1 mm.

With the continuous improvement of the national economy, people's consumption has risen steadily, and consumer goods have also risen. As aluminum pp cap closure materials have good airtightness and demand is increasing. In the production of aluminum for pp caps closures 3105 materials, Haomei has decades years of experience. At present, our company has established long-term good cooperative relations with well-known bottle cap production bases at home and abroad.


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