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Aluminum Plate Sheet

High quality aluminum plate sheet product is applied to many industries and Haomei Aluminum is an experienced supplier. In the construction industry, more and more manufacturers choose aluminum plate as the production material. This is because aluminum sheet plate itself has become the new favorite of construction because of its high toughness and light material. In the daily life of the public, we can also see aluminum plates everywhere.

aluminum plate sheet

First of all, in the field of construction, the application of aluminum plate sheet is almost difficult to calculate. Because of its brighter appearance, aluminum plates are often used in architectural decoration. On the other hand, because buildings are exposed to the outdoors all the year round and have to withstand wind and rain throughout the year, they are easily corroded and damaged. However, because of its strong sturdiness, the aluminum plate can increase the building's anti-hit ability from the building materials and make the building's lifespan longer. As an earlier established aluminum sheet manufacturer in China, Haomei Aluminum mainly deals in aluminum sheet types including: high-precision ultra-flat aluminum sheet, 1100 aluminum sheet, 1060 aluminum sheet, 3003 aluminum sheet and other brand aluminum sheets.

When applied to curtain wall, the surface of the aluminum plate sheet is generally treated with fluorocarbon spraying after pretreatment such as chromization. Fluorocarbon coating has excellent corrosion resistance and weather resistance, can resist acid rain, salt spray and various air pollutants, has excellent cold and heat resistance, can resist strong ultraviolet radiation, can maintain long-term colorfastness, and has a long service life.


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