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Classification and advantages of aluminum profiles

Aluminum profile is a kind of aluminum alloy material which with aluminum as the main component, aluminum rods by hot melt, squeeze to get different cross-sectional shape aluminum material, but the proportion of different alloys, the production of aluminum profile mechanical properties and application field are also different. As a professional aluminum profile manufacturer in China, Haomei aluminum is going to introduce the classification and advantages of aluminum profiles to you all.

aluminum profile

The classification of aluminum profile according to application:

1. For building with window door aluminum profile and curtain wall aluminum profile.

2. CPU radiator dedicated radiator aluminum profile

3. Aluminum alloy shelf aluminum profile, their difference is that the difference of cross-sectional shape, but they are all produced by hot melt extrusion.

4. Industrial aluminum profile, mainly used for automated machinery equipment, the cover of the skeleton and the models required according to their own mechanical equipment, such as pipeline conveyor belt, hoist, dispenser, testing equipment, etc., electronic machinery Industry and clean room are the majority!

The advantages of aluminum profile are:

1. Small density, light weight, the density is only 2.70g / cm3, it is only1/3 of copper or iron.

2. Strong corrosion resistance.

3. Rich reserves, accounting for 8.13% of the crust weight.

4. Good weather resistance.

5. Good plasticity and processing performance.

6. Good casting performance.

7. Good surface treatment performance.

8. Good mechanical properties  and it is recyclable.

9. Non-magnetic.

10. Anti-nuclear radiation.

11. The elasticity is small.

12. No sparks when striking.

13. Basically non-toxic.

14. Thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity are good.


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