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Haomei is a famous aluminum rolls suppliers based in China, we produce 1060, 3003, 5052 and 6061 aluminum coil for sale. Our life is inseparable from the blessing of aluminum coils, and in recent years of development, people’s demand for aluminum coils is getting higher and higher. Aluminum coils are all over our lives, for our daily necessities, including travel tools, etc., aluminum coils are inseparable, and high-quality aluminum coils are the key to product quality. So how to choose high-quality aluminum coils?

aluminum rolls suppliers

Aluminum rolls suppliers share aluminum coil purchase items:

1, Look at the flatness of the aluminum coil.

The flatter the better. The flatness of the aluminum coil is affected by the aluminum coil sleeve: the aluminum coil with the paper sleeve is bent and angled without waste, and the flatness is better. The price Slightly higher; the flatness of aluminum coils with aluminum sleeves is lower than that of paper sleeves, and some waste may be generated when unwinding and finishing. The weight of the entire aluminum coil includes the weight of the aluminum sleeve, but the manufacturer can recycle the aluminum sleeve .

2, Look at the glossiness of the aluminum sheet roll, the brighter the aluminum coil, the better.

3, The aluminum roll may be scratched during transportation and use.

The aluminum coil can effectively avoid these problems. The aluminum sheet roll is covered during production. The film is a very thin layer. The general thickness is about 6 wires, some people will ask that the price of aluminum coil will be very high, but it is not the case. The price is about the same as that of uncoated aluminum coil. The film has only a very thin layer, and the weight will be included in the aluminum coil.


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