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Al-Mn-Mg aluminum roof coil supplier in China

Al-Mn-Mg aluminum roof coil supplied by Haomei has excellent colorful appearance and weather resistance, the surface paint has PE and PVDF. The color coated aluminum coil for roofing is easy to install, no need for perforation, complete layout, excellent waterproof performance.

aluminum roof coil

Typical alloy tempers are: A3004H24, A3004H26, A3003H24;
Typical thickness range: 0.6mm, 0.7mm, 0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm;
The basic material is 3003 and 3004 alloy(AI Mn Mg), due to the aluminum roofing sheet coil is 0.7~1.2mm thick, and the structural strength is moderate. It is easy to be welded and bent and can be welded on site. At the same time, the aluminum roofing sheet material integrity can be guaranteed under different wind pressure conditions, so it is widely used in the roofing and maintenance system of the building. The aluminum coil belongs to Light material, the weight of aluminum is much lighter than other metal, and easy to carry, reduce the cost. The aluminum roofing coil has strong structure, easy to cut, plane groove, bend into arc, right angle and other shapes, and with ordinary metal or wood processing tools can cooperate with the designer to do a variety of modeling changes.

Based on advanced roll coating technology, the production of aluminum-manganese-magnesium aluminum roof coils can withstand long-term tests, and the tight protection can eliminate the influence of weather and stand for many decades. The design of metal roof slabs in more special buildings such as low slope, flat roof, curved, arched and hyperbolic roofs is even more advantageous.


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