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Aluminum roofing sheet with magnesium manganese series

With the development of modern architecture, due to its excellent characteristics, metal roofing systems occupy an increasingly important position in architecture. Metal roof panels also have a variety of materials, according to material characteristics and cost performance considerations, aluminum roofing sheet with magnesium manganese has more extensive applications. The large-scale public buildings, such as airport terminals, stations, exhibition centers, stadiums, public entertainment facilities, shopping malls, and commercial and residential houses all use aluminum-magnesium-manganese sheet metal roofing systems.

aluminum roofing sheet

Aluminum magnesium manganese roofing sheet system structure has mainly three aspects: aluminum roofing sheet of magnesium manganese alloy, insulation layers, metal bottom plate. According to design requirements, the system construction can be refined into 6 layers:
In the first level, the aluminum-magnesium-manganese plate is used as the panel, such as 3003 aluminum roofing sheet and 3004 aluminum roofing sheet, and the panel is directly in contact with the atmosphere and rainwater. The waterproof design and processing of the opposite layer are crucial. The height of the vertical edge, the choice of the vertical direction, and the construction of special nodes Treatments, all decided to waterproof the final result.
The second layer is insulation, generally using centrifugal glass fiber sound-absorbing cotton, is mainly used for heat preservation and noise reduction (such as heavy rain and hail noise after hitting the surface layer), and its top aluminum foil has good minor auxiliary waterproof function.
The third layer is moisture-proof aluminum foil layer, it is generally made of pure polyethylene film and 0.5mm reinforced pure polyethylene plate. The moisture barrier layer can restrict the water vapor inside the building from entering the roof, thereby avoiding the occurrence of condensation.
The fourth layer is sound insulation, generally using centrifugal glass fiber sound-absorbing cotton.
The fifth layer is structural layer, it is generally made of pressed steel plates or linings and steel purlins, which serve as structural support and slope-finding functions.
The sixth layer is decorative layer, generally used color steel pressure floor, support sound-absorbing cotton and insulation cotton, while playing a decorative role.


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