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Aluminum sheet roll for insulation

Insulation aluminum sheet roll 1060 3003 is actually a thin sheet of aluminum which delivery in the form of roll. Since the iron sheet does not have the anti-rust effect, the aluminum coil has been completely replace the steel coil in the insulation industry. The aluminum coil for insulation has good elongation and tensile strength, and can fully meet the conventional processing requirements (stamping, stretching) and high moldability.

aluminum sheet roll

0.5mm aluminum coil is one of the more commonly used products in aluminum sheet roll material. Haomei can produce 1060 aluminum coil (pure aluminum series) and 3003 aluminum coil (rustproof aluminum series) and 5052 aluminum coil (corrosion resistant aluminum series) and so on. The industrial aluminum coil has a beautiful appearance and a smooth appearance, it can be well adapted to the use of pipeline insulation packaging, it is guaranteed for 20 years in the natural environment. Haomei aluminum coil product has good insulation effect, long service life, and is made of high quality aluminum ingot. In addition to 0.5mm aluminum coil, there are also 0.8mm aluminum coil, 0.4mm aluminum coil, etc. Insulation aluminum coil needs to have a smooth surface, can not have oil, color, oxidized spots and other issues, while the insulation aluminum sheet roll should be suitable for wrapping wrapped around the pipe, which can better press the edge.


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