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Aluminum strip coil grade and application

Haomei engaged in the production and sales of aluminum strip coil, able to produce most of the 1000-8000 series aluminium strip alloy products. Especially in: Transformer aluminum strip foil, cable aluminum strip, duct aluminum strip, lamp base aluminum strip, shutter aluminum strip and other products, the products are widely used in electric power, transportation, architectural decoration, aerospace, packaging, electronic and electrical fields.

aluminum strip coil

The specification and size of common aluminum strip coil are:
Grade: 1060, 1070, 1100, 8011, 3003;
Special aluminum strip for transformer 1060 temper soft O, the thickness is 0.3-3.0 mm;
Aluminum strip for aluminum plastic composite pipe, material 8011, thickness 0.16-0.3 (mm) in o state;
Aluminum foil strip for cable coating, material 8011 or 1060 temper o, thickness 0.12-0.20 (mm);
Aluminum strip for hollow glass strip, material 3003 H16, thickness 0.12-0.4 (mm).

The raw material of aluminum strip coil is pure aluminum or aluminum alloy roll casting and hot rolling aluminum coil, which is rolled into thin aluminum coil of different thickness and width by cold rolling mill, and then cut into different width aluminum strip by longitudinal shear according to the purpose. In order to remove the burr caused by machining on the part and facilitate the assembly of the part, chamfer is generally made at the end of the part. In addition, in the production process of transformer aluminum strip, there is a process called chamfering / polishing.


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