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Aluminum strips cans market prospects look good

Aluminum cans, as a kind of metal packaging materials made by aluminum strips for sale, have incomparable advantages to other metal and plastic packaging container, such as light weight, good recyclability, etc., so once the aluminum cans are produced , has been greatly respected and popular around the world. The current global demand for years at around 210 billion, accounts for more than half of global output of metal container, the aluminum strips cans market prospects look good.

The world's major areas of aluminum cans consumption ratio: 53% - North America, Europe (including Australia, New Zealand) -19%, 14% - South America, 14% - Asia. The north American market is given priority to the United States, it is the birthplace of aluminum cans, the endeavor rate, is also one of the world's biggest producer and consumer of aluminum cans. The materials had been used in cans are aluminum sheet, each year about 40% of the aluminum plate is used in the production of the cans aspects. The European market supply and demand are both prosperous. Since the mid - 1980 - s, European aluminum cans markets have been stable growth trends. Due to the high value of recycling of aluminum metal, from the perspective of environmental protection, the Europe has begun to use aluminum extensively. South American market shows great potential demand for aluminum cans, promote the rapid development of the tank greatly. In the globally area, aluminum cans markets around the world are mainly distributed in the developed countries and regions, and the United States is the main consumption and origin. Aluminum cans and cans with aluminum strips for sale production has been more mature than before, the using demand of aluminum strip is over 4 million tons, and with the constant improvement of the people consumption level and strengthening of environmental protection consciousness to increase, the data maintains steady growth. With more than 20 years experience of producing aluminum strips for cans, Haomei are growing up with this market,high quality and best service are Haomei’s present to friend all over the word!


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