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The quality guaranteed aluminum tread plate factory

The aluminum tread plate is one of the aluminum plates which is calendered on the basis of the aluminum plate to form various markings on the outer surface, which is also called aluminum checkered plate. Aluminum tread plate factory mainly supply 1000 series like 1060 1070, 3000 series like 3003 and 5000 series like 5052, 5083 aluminum alloy. According to the pattern, it can be divided into one bar, diamond pattern, three bars and five bars and so on. The aluminum tread plate is the most important non-slip aluminum plate product. Due to the rich alloy series of aluminum checkered plates, the variety is high and the cost performance is high. It can often be seen in vehicles, subways and other public places.

aluminum tread plate factory

At present, the aluminum tread plate on the market is very common, and there are many manufacturers of aluminum tread plates. The production process of aluminum checkered sheets is similar, but different manufacturers have different control capacities for production processes and product details in the production process, resulting in uneven product quality. When purchasing aluminum tread sheets, it is necessary to pay attention to selecting a strong manufacturer to ensure the vital interests in the case of ensuring product quality.

The aluminum tread plate factory adopt the internationally leading grinder equipment ensures that the rolls on the rolling mill can be carefully ground regularly, so that the rolling equipment can operate accurately and improve the surface quality of the aluminum tread plate. The produced aluminum trad plate is not only highly glossy, but also has no visible defects, good anti-slip effect, light weight and excellent durability. The mass per square meter is about 7kg, the tensile strength is 200N per square millimeter, the relative elongation is higher than 10%, can withstand high bending without breaking, and has good toughness.


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