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Anodized Aluminum Sheet Metal

In addition to the coloring treatment, the surface of the anodized aluminum sheet metal can also be treated with satin, wire drawing, sandblasting, embossing, etc. To follow the needs of the designer or customer, choose the desired color, texture, sheet thickness, etc., to achieve unique and different decorative effects.

anodized aluminum sheet metal

1, Satin-finished anodized aluminum sheet

Satin-finished anodized aluminum sheet metal is an anodized aluminum sheet with no texture added on the surface. Most of them are used for architectural decoration and home appliance decoration. Under the refraction of the light, the aluminum oxide plate shows the soft metal texture of the aluminum sheet. High-end, atmospheric, and simple are its first impressions. The space technology created is in line with the modern elements that the company wants to convey.

2. Brushed anodized aluminum sheet

Brushed aluminum sheet is a manufacturing process in which the aluminum sheet is forced through the mold under the action of external force to pull out the lines. The brushed anodized aluminum sheet is based on this, and then undergoes anodizing process. After anodizing, the brushed aluminum sheet has obvious improvement in abrasion resistance and scratch resistance, and after oxidation, it can clearly show the subtle silk marks on the aluminum sheet metal surface, and the surface of the original matte brushed aluminum sheet has a soft metallic luster .

The use of brushed anodized aluminum sheet metal as a decorative panel can add fashion and innovative technology elements to the product. Usually we can see a wide range of applications in the fields of home appliances, handicrafts, etc.


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