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The anti slip aluminium sheet applied in floor

If you look carefully, it is not difficult to find that floor some large transportation vehicles and bus compartments are anti slip aluminium sheet, and there is rarely a smooth surface of the carriage. In fact, these anti slip aluminium sheet are specially designed for non-slip shock absorption, it can make the vehicle safer and more convenient during transportation and prevent accidents.

anti slip aluminium sheet

The anti-slip property of the checkered aluminum plate is very strong. Even if encounter uneven road surface or sharp turn, it can stabilize the cargo on the vehicle to a large extent, so that the cargo is not easy to slip and fall, and the cargo transportation safety is ensured. In addition to transportation vehicles, the floor of the bus is also better to use anti slip aluminum tread plates. Because the bus stops at a short time, sometimes the driver will start the bus before the passenger sit down, if the passenger does not pull the pull ring, then the passenger will slip and fall due to inertia, and the anti slip aluminum plate can reduce the influence of inertia as much as possible, so that the passenger has a reaction time and can grasp the pull ring in time.

The anti slip aluminium sheet looks simple and ordinary, only the pattern is pressed on the aluminum plate. In the actual use process, the checkered aluminum plate is not simple, its existence has a very important safety significance.


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