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Cable Aluminum Foil Roll

High quality cable aluminum foil roll have few pinholes, good plasticity, which can effectively avoid interference between the inside and outside of the shielding layer. The alloy of the aluminum foil for cable are 8011, 1235 O, and the specification is (0.006~0.09) mmX (1000~1240) mm. The surface of the cable aluminum foil is required to be smooth and clean, free of defects such as bark-like patterns, longitudinal stripes, bright lines, etc.; the shape is smooth, without obvious waves; and the tensile strength is not less than 150N/mm. Aluminum foil for cable wrapping should have conductive properties and good processing properties, and can reduce copper consumption to save resources and reduce product costs.

cable aluminum foil roll

Cable aluminum foil roll can protect the cable from corrosion, and can also play a role in shielding the signal from leakage. Because aluminum foil has high airtightness and shielding properties, the aluminum-plastic composite foil formed by coating a layer of plastic film on one or both sides is processed into narrow strips after the aluminum-plastic composite, and the weak wires are wrapped for cable shielding. When the film and metal are combined to form a composite material, the metal usually uses aluminum foil, the film is polyester film or polypropylene film, and the aluminum-plastic composite tape (aluminum foil Mylar tape) is made of high-purity aluminum foil and High-quality PET is compounded to a width of 460mm or 500mm and a thickness of 0.02mm or more. Cable aluminum foil is mainly used for shielding electromagnetic waves, radio waves and other interference during high-frequency transmission of communication, power, electronics, and wire and cable.

Cable aluminum foil roll is generally made of 1235-O temper aluminum foil and 8011-O temper aluminum foil. After continuous casting and rolling, hot rolling, slitting and thorough annealing, it is supplied to the wire and foil chemical plant in small coils according to the length of the user. Put the plastic mulch on it, cut it into many small strips and supply it to the wire factory in a reel shape. Because this kind of compound aluminum foil has advantages such as light quality and good protective barrier effect, it is very popular.


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