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Checkered aluminium plate 5052 1060 3003

Checkered aluminium plate 5052 1060 3003 is widely used, such as the cold storage floor, workshop floor, elevator, carriage, platform and other places. 5052 checker aluminium plate has great weather and corrosion resistance, easy to clean, and non slip performance. And stucco embossed aluminium plate is used in household refrigerator, air conditioner and packaging pipeline. The common used alloy of checker aluminum sheet are 1060, 3003 and 5052, among them, the 5052 checkered aluminium plate has better rust and corrosion resistance.

checkered aluminium plate

The 5052 checkered aluminum plate is a representative product of non-slip aluminum plate because 5052 aluminum alloy has excellent appearance. The advantages of 5052 aluminium tread plate are: high hardness. This series belongs to the representative series of alloy aluminum plate, which has high tensile strength and hardness has obvious advantages in similar products. The aluminum-magnesium alloy product also includes a 5754 pattern aluminum plate). It has strong corrosion resistance and good anti-rust effect. This series of products has added magnesium alloy in the process, the content can reach more than 2.5%, has good corrosion resistance and anti-rust performance, and can be well adapted to high strength and high resistance. Corrosive occasions have a good application effect on ships, vehicles and working platforms, and have great advantages over 1060 checkered aluminium plate.


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