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Top checkered aluminum plate factory in China

The checkered aluminum plate has many pattern types, such as five bars, diamond plates, 3 bars tread plates commonly seen on the market. The Haomei checker aluminum plate products has high quality and stable in process, and are often exported to all parts of the world. Due to the wide customer base, timely delivery and guaranteed quality, it has a good reputation in the world market.

checkered aluminum plate

The 5 bars anti-slip aluminum checkered plate is the most widely used aluminum tread plate in many industries, it has good anti-slip ability and is widely used in various aspects such as construction platforms. The aluminum checkered plate can be classified according to the alloy composition, and can also be divided into pure checkered plate, aluminum manganese alloy checker plate, and aluminum magnesium alloy chequered plate. The ordinary pure aluminum checker plate is processed on the basis of 1060 aluminum plate, and can adapt to the usual environment and has low price. Aluminum manganese alloy checkered plate is made of 3003 aluminum plate as the main raw material, the strength is slightly higher than ordinary aluminum plate, has a certain anti-rust performance, but the hardness and corrosion resistance is not very high. The aluminum-magnesium alloy tread plate is made of 5052 or 5083 as raw materials, and has good corrosion resistance, hardness and rust resistance. 5000 series checkered aluminum plate can usually be applied to places with a certain load-bearing capacity.


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