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High performance coated aluminium coil factory

Haomei color coated aluminium coil sheet adopts advanced pre-roller automation production line with an annual output of more than 30,000 tons. The products include PE coated aluminum coil sheet and PVDF coated aluminum coil sheet, painted aluminum coil sheet, etc., Haomei can produce various specifications, alloy such as 1100, 3003, 3004, 3005, 3105, 5182, 5002, 5005, etc., coating thickness 0.07mm-2.0mm; width 30-1600mm, can be divided into pieces, strips and embossing processing.

coated aluminium coil

The color coated aluminum coil sheet processing technology has been quite mature after several decades of development. At present, the main processes used in color coated aluminium coil processing are roll coating and powder coating. The roll coating process has the advantages of good production continuity, high efficiency, high output, good quality, less pollution, etc. it is the most advanced aluminum plate color coating process. The color coated aluminum coil products are used in a wide range of applications: building materials (roofing materials, wall materials, aluminum-plastic panels, aluminum honeycomb panels, fire-resistant panels, aluminum ceilings, shutters, rolling doors, garage doors), electronic appliances (computer cases, electrical panels), lighting , furniture, bags, cans, etc. With the improvement of residents' living standards and the promotion of energy-saving policies, coated aluminium coil in rolling doors, garage doors, shading curtains, external wall insulation materials and other fields will get more applications.


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